Sunday, 14 December 2008

what chola bhatura can do to a man!!

Unbelievable but true!!

Before being employed by my father, our driver, Ramesh worked in Delhi for a bureaucrat. The bureaucrat’s office was just opposite to the building of Hindustan Times. Every afternoon the bureaucrat left his office sharp at 12:30 and would go home for lunch. The driver, had his lunch, prepared by his wife every morning and packed with great love and care for him, before his employer could finish his work in the office. One fine evening, he had a fight with his wife for returning home very late. He asked for forgiveness many times. Neither this nor a variety of excuses could move her; she had declared that she would no more prepare his lunch. Poor Ramesh! He had only one option left-Hindustan Times’ building’s canteen. Alas! He had no other choice. Only ‘chola-bhatura’ and tea were available in the canteen till 12 noon. The next day he went and had ‘chola-bhatura’. To add to his woes, as the conditions weren’t improving at the home front, he had to have ‘chola bhaturas’ for 15 days at a stretch! The situation is that he now dreads ‘chola-bhatura’, which he says used to be one of his most favourite dishes, because as a consequence of having them for such a long period of time daily, he had to take a month’s leave as he suffered from jaundice!!