Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Life is a voyage,
The route is set.
Both joys and sorrows,
A man will get.

Destiny has to be shaped,
On one's own.
That person will succeed,
With flying winds, who will not be flown.

With shortcomings and disasters,
One has to cope.
Be it anguish, pain, scares,
But most important is hope.


sahiba singh said...

Aw!!It is VERY well written ! And dare not say dat u write low!!
A perfect mix of philosophy and truth!! Words r all in unison!! Nice to see u creatively satisfied!!

kashika said...

I wish you would have remembered the whole of your article. Just by reading this poem I can guess the article's depth. Idiots, should have given you the prize. :)

jyoti said...

short & sweet...just like you

SHANTANU-GURU BHAI Rulesss...sss said...

well!!!! being a miser of words...still will have a lot to write down...gud to c a poet at such a young age...gud work keep it up

Anonymous said...

thanks. u guys r d source of inspiration. thanks a lot.:)
Hey, ya even i wish i remembered d entire article. As fr d prize, dere were bttr participants dan me. n as it is said,"karm kar, phal ki icha mat kar!!"!!:P
@Jyoti aunty callin me sweet!!:P
thanks a lot fr readin n fr d appreciation. even v have a buddin technocrat commenting here called Shantanu!!

Anonymous said...

mast!..i almost loooved the beginning!