Wednesday, 28 November 2007

My neighbour

I know this poem might seem very kiddish, but I wrote it when I was a kid! Also, I had nothing else to do, so, here it is:
My neighbour is fat like an elephant,
She fights a lot and bursts like volcano from a vent.
She has many pimples,
But has an illusion of dimples!!
Her hair is short

And her face is like a pot!
She loves politics,
To peep in others’ houses, she has many tactics.
Her teeth are not white
To tell a lie, she never cares for the site!
I haven’t shown this poem to her,
Lest, a dispute could occur!!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

That Scary Night

One pleasant evening, while I was reading a book,
My mother asked me to get some cream from the market
By hook or by crook!

And so like a free bird,
I was off on my bicycle,
Whose squeaking noises I heard.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder,
I wondered who was on my bicycle’s carrier.
And so I couldn’t move any further.

I stopped as my hands were freezed.
I turned to see the creature at my back.
When I saw, with me it seemed to be very pleased.

I found it resembled my dead friend.
I screamed without sorrow or joy,
While the creature tried to descend.

It called out my name.
I was puzzled to find its reality,
I had never been in a situation same.

I was about to lose my consciousness,
When it again spoke to me,
Shocked, I was back to my senses without a guess.

It spoke in my friend’s voice,
About her life and style,
I felt for my sins, I was paying a heavy price.

I put a step to retard,
To escape the ghastly creature,
But alas! I fell on a stone hard.

I had forgotten the cream,
And when I opened my eyes, I found,
All this was just a dream!!