Wednesday, 28 November 2007

My neighbour

I know this poem might seem very kiddish, but I wrote it when I was a kid! Also, I had nothing else to do, so, here it is:
My neighbour is fat like an elephant,
She fights a lot and bursts like volcano from a vent.
She has many pimples,
But has an illusion of dimples!!
Her hair is short

And her face is like a pot!
She loves politics,
To peep in others’ houses, she has many tactics.
Her teeth are not white
To tell a lie, she never cares for the site!
I haven’t shown this poem to her,
Lest, a dispute could occur!!


jyoti said...

you have the makings of a great poetess in you..y not write a few start with write on dis topic... MY MOM'S FRIENDS dont 4get 2 mention sandy aunty & me

Anonymous said...

@jyoti aunty
hey thanks fr d idea!!

Talking Tails said...

Haha! :)

It's cute..! Thoughts are simple .. just like a child's!

Anonymous said...

@talking tails
thnx bt plz may i know ur name plz. n thnx fr visitin my blog. i'l b updating it nxt on 22nd vn my xams shall b over.n i'l make sure dat it is not a kiddish post like dis!! so kp visitin shrutiwrites!! n yes, may i know ur gud name plz!!

The Thoughtful Philosopher said...

ha ha ha. so cute. It's so funny imagining you as a kid, standing in front of your neighbour and harbouring these feelings...........

Shruti said...

@The Thoughtful Professor:thanks!!