Sunday, 11 May 2014

An ode to my mother..

I held my mother's finger as a toddler,
When she rejoiced my first step and my first jump.
Pictures were clicked quickly
When into father I would bump!
My mother held my hand 
When into my primary school we walked,
With no understanding of life,
On it my innocence mocked!
We did not hold hands
As we stepped into my college.
Of life's responsibilities and duties on my shoulder,
I carried a heavy baggage.
We hugged when I got a job,
Adding to my family's income.
With loads of over-timings and insomnia,
Success and promotions was the expected outcome.
Now I hold her hand 
When in the park we take a walk
This results from the irony brought by
The moving hands of the clock!
When she grows weak
I'll lift her in my arms.
With the same love and care
With which she protected me from all harms.


Amitansh said...

Touching :) and Very well written :)

Shruti said...

@Amitansh: thanks! :)

Gaurav Pandey said...

Myriad of emotions!!
Perhaps,if you would have incorporated few more hyperboles and metaphors,the effect gonna more charismatic.

Shruti said...

@Gaurav: true that! keep visiting n pouring in ur inputs! :)

Shubhi Rani said...

Perfectly framed emotions! :-)

Pravesh Shukla said...

Hi, I don't really understand these kind of writings keenly, but I can these are some great piece of work. It is good that we have talent like you at IITK. I wish, you collect all your writes, bundle them as a book and publish it. This will make your work available to public. I have not seen any upload in 2015. Keep writing. All the best.