Wednesday, 11 June 2014

In Memory of Arushi Talwar...

I did not know you,
Till you were killed,
And with that happened one night,
Many beans have been spilled.

But I know now that,
You were a young girl like me.
Who wanted to live her life,
The way she wanted it to be.

Your parents are tried,
With all explanations and reasons,
With all will and power,
They have fought in all seasons.

But it is horrendous to believe,
That they were the ones,
For in every fresh report,
A new song the CBI hums.

I do not know who was it,
I do not know if the decision is right,
But all I know is,
The officials took the load light.

The road is rocky,
Case will not soon cease,
But there up above,
May your soul rest in peace!


Anonymous said...

Excellent tribute!..:):)

Anonymous said...

wow !!! "May her soul rest in peace"..

again i was tempted to appreciate!!

you write pretty well!! keep it up..


Shruti Mehrotra said...
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Shruti said...

@undulyunruly: thanks! :)
@Anonymous: thanks! :) bt may I knw y do u choose to b anonymous? May I knw ur name plz? :)