Monday, 21 July 2014

My Facebook Usage!

Zuckerberg's college project
Took the world by surprise,
On this shiny laptop screen,
Were glued all eyes!

When Facebook was born,
I was fifteen,
By the time it became a craze,
I had a mind too keen.

I registered an account,
No money or documents required,
And Zuckerberg's army was increasing,
Software engineers at whooping packages hired!

I talk to my friend miles away,
I see my cousins traveling across the seas.
A social networking mania kicked off
Which was never to cease!

One evening as I log in,
I have a friend request,
It is from my mother,
And I thought I knew her best!

My father soon follows in,
More active than me on Facebook!
And so more photographs and posts,
I had to look.

This is just the beginning,
Of a complete virtual social world to come,
Where we will meet our future generations also on the screen,
Till then I will sit back to enjoy my brandy and rum!


Amitanshu Gupta said...

Everything was alright, until i read the last line :P really ? :O

Atul Das Prabhu said...

It captured my interest
I admired the rhyme
for I had read something different
in quite some time

I looked for a button
I searched every nook
Wait, there's no 'Like' over here
This isn't Facebook! :)

Unknown said...

Nice! @ Atul Das Prabhu